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Gather and Give : Sharing God ’ s Heart Through Everyday Hospitality Amy Nelson Hannon 613395 Hardback LIV GE $ 36.99 ________________________________________ Perhaps doubts about your domestic skills make you hesitate to open your home to others . Discover the joy of hospitality that values people over perfection . In a world where loneliness and isolation are so common , Amy Nelson Hannon shows us how to lean into the lives of others with intentionality and share God ’ s heart .
100 Favourite Hymns Stacy Edwards 565909 Hardback INS GE $ 24.99 ________________________________________ This beautiful devotional will stir your heart as you reflect on the powerful words of our most-loved hymns , and offers a way to draw closer to the God of every generation . Select devotions feature the personal stories of the hymn writers themselves , many of whom endured deep suffering , unrelenting trials , and redemptive triumphs .
Wonder : Journeys in Nature With God Edited by Evelyn and Bob McDonald 651271 Hardback GIF GE $ 34.99 ______________________________________________________________________ This book combines stunning nature photographs with reflections from a range of Australian Christians . Indigenous , conservationist , creative and theological perspectives are included among the voices , all bearers of God ’ s image inspired to care for His creation .
He is Strong : Devotions For When You Feel Weak Emily A Jensen 642636 Hardback DE GE $ 31.99 ________________________________________ Feelings of inadequacy or insignificance can overwhelm us and hinder our walk in the Lord . But in this devotional journey , Emily A Jensen reminds us that when we are weak , He is strong . Sharing her own personal experience and Bible truths , Emily calls us daily to lean on the strength of God to press on .
Upon Waking : 60 Daily Reflections to Discover Ourselves and the God We Were Made For Jackie Hill Perry 643834 Hardback DE GE $ 34.99 ________________________________________ Is your phone the first thing that grabs your attention upon waking ? Awaken instead to the God you were made for , to the things that really matter . In these uplifting readings , Bible teacher and bestselling author of Gay Girl , Good God , Jackie Hill Perry offers daily wisdom from selected Scriptures .
The Love Stories of the Bible Speak : Biblical Lessons on Romance , Friendship , and Faith Shannon Bream 642056 Paperback LIV GE $ 37.99 _________________________________________________________________ The Bible is full of “ love ” stories . Shannon Bream draws important lessons from the good , the bad , and the ugly of Bible relationships , showing how God ’ s unique love turns our assumptions about how we should love others upside down .
Also from Shannon Bream :
The Women of the Bible Speak : The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons For Today 594116 Paperback WO GE $ 27.99
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